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About Me
Director & Editor  

Welcome! I'm a Director who thrives when solving  creative problems for my clients.

I have over 10 years of directing television experience and 10 years of editing experience, and I'm passionate about bringing these two skill sets together to create cohesive, high-quality videos that meet my clients' needs.


My work as an editor has complemented my work as a director and vice versa. My work in television has also given me a unique perspective on editing. When working on television shows, there's always a need for quick turnaround and high-quality output—so I know how to meet tight deadlines while still producing work that meets industry standards.

When I was first starting out in the industry, dancing provided me with an income while I worked my way up through the ranks. Working on set as a runner gave me a great view into how different crews work together to make projects come to life. 

I like to think of myself as "calm under pressure," because I know how to think out of the box and keep cool in stressful situations. I'm an enthusiastic, motivated people person with a wide range of practical experience in directing. I'm resourceful and bright, with excellent communication skills. I treat people with respect, enjoy solving problems, and have exceptional interpersonal skills; I'm an excellent team player who can motivate others to perform while keeping them calm under pressure.

I have worked across various types of digital content, including creating brand recaps and social media posts, as well as editing video content for apps and websites. My work as a director has helped me develop a keen eye for visual storytelling. I also have experience working with brand guidelines and motion graphics, which means that I am able to adapt quickly to new formats, styles and techniques.

I am always learning new things about the art form, experimenting with different techniques and discovering new ways of working has helped me grow into what my clients need from me today: a director that delivers content that meets their needs in whatever format they require.

Anthony Richard Thomas looking through the eye-piece of a ArriFlex Super 16mm film camera.
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